The Hosts!

Nick Stephens

Birthdate: April 1985
Location: West Virginia
Favorite Genesis Games: Streets of Rage 2, Comix Zone, Landstalker, Sports Talk Baseball, Earthworm Jim, much more...
Favorite Games Outside of Genesis: Contra, Shenmue Series, Fallout Series, Mass Effect Series, anything David Cage does.
Favorite Podcasts: You're Welcome (With Chael Sonnen), Podcast Beyond, Kinda Funny Gamescast, Retronauts, Big Podcast w/ Shaq, The Comedy Button, anything on the Retro Junkies Network.
Favorite Bands: TooL, Disciple, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, many many more
Favorite Movies:
Empire Strikes Back, The Fifth Element, Office Space, many many more
Something about you that shocks people when they find out: I have a degree in Christian Ministry. I'm pretty good at the yo-yo and still practice those skills. I play guitar, but can also play bass guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, and usually anything else I spend a little time with.
Short history of how you got into podcasting: I started listening to IGN podcasts and then got into some other podcasts about sports, entertainment, and a certain retro podcast called Factory Sealed. After FS read my emails and started interacting with me, I thought it wouldn't be too hard starting a podcast. Then I met Rob Luther and have been podcasting with him since 2013 on many shows.

Rob Luther

Birthdate: June 1986
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Favorite Genesis Game: Shining Force, Road Rash 2, Castlevania Bloodlines
Favorite game not Genesis related:  Suikoden, Resident Evil, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger
Favorite Podcasts: X S Gaming Podcast, Bargain Bin Radio, The Retro League, and anything in The Retro Junkies Network, of course!  
Favorite Bands: Jim Croce, The Replacements, Armored Saint, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Rocky, Ghostbusters, The Crow, The Wrestler, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, the original TMNT film, and I’m a sucker for classic horror films!   
Something about you that shocks people when they find out:  I haven’t missed a Philadelphia Flyers game since 1999.  I’m also a surprisingly good whistler—girls asked me to whistle the Harlem Globe Trotters theme in high school all the time!  …Come to think of it… that’s all they ever wanted from me. 
Short history of how you got into podcasting:  Short history, Nick? Come on, man! You’re killing me!  Well, for starters, I was a huge fan of the now legendary podcast called The Retro League, as I have been listening to them for years.  One day, as I was listening to them on my way to my friend Landon’s new home, I decided why not create a podcast of my own?  Landon and I talked about classic games all the time anyway, so I figured it would be very natural and fun!  I loved The Retro League, so why not call the show… hmmm… I don’t know.  How about The Retro Junkies?  Sure. That sounds kind of cool, I guess!  Well, I pitched the idea to Landon over some breakfast, and, to my surprise, he was all for it!  We started recording shows in early 2013, and we’ve been recording ever since!  I can say with humble sincerity that podcasting has changed my life for the better.  I’ve met so many good people that I consider family through podcasting—Nick and Aaron being two of them, for sure.  I hope to podcast for the rest of my life in some form or fashion, because it has truly been a blessing for me.  You know, I often wonder what they’ll call podcasts, say, thirty or forty years from now…

Landon Long
Birthdate: January 1985
Location: Western North Carolina
Favorite Genesis Game: Starflight, Outrun, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axe I & II, Ghostbusters
Favorite Game not Genesis Related: Chrono Trigger, Symphony of the Night, Contra, Baseball Stars II
Favorite Podcasts: X S Gaming podcast, Jim Ross Podcast, and of course all the shows in the Retro Junkies Network
Favorite Bands: Foo Fighters, Metallica, The Beatles, Led Zepplin.
Favorite Movies: Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters I & II, Original TMNT, Rocky, Back to the Future, and
any horror film
Something about you that shocks people when they find out: I once built a violin from several wood pieces for a school project. I love to draw things from my childhood such as super heros, cartoon characters, or video game characters.I also like mess with electronics such as building computers or reparing circuit boards.
Short History of how you got into podcasting: Back in the late summer/early fall of 2012 my wife and I had just purchased a house. Being the good friend that he is Rob offered to help me move our things from the place we were staying at (not gonna lie it was my mother-inlaws) to our new home. We planned to start moving early in the morning finishing up with some wings after everything was moved. We met up at the local Bojangles for breakfast and to shoot the breeze while we waited on my dad to meet us and start the day. I went in and was greated with a "Hey big guy!". Over in the corner drinking his coffee was good ol' Rob. We both ordered our breakfast (cajun chicken biscuit for me) and started to talk about video games. We talked for around 10-20 minutes before Rob said "Landon, I've got a crazy idea and I want you to be a part of it." Rob then asked if I had heard of a podcast and if I wanted to do one with him on retro games. I told him sure sounds like fun. (Truth is I had a slight idea as to what a podcast was but, not how to make one). That day when we had trips back to the old house to load items we talked about our show, what we wanted out of it, and our content.The rest as they say is history.
Aaron Hickman

Birthdate: June 1986
Location: South Texas
Favorite Genesis Game: Phantasy Star IV, Star Flight, Sonic 2, Landstalker, Streets of Rage 2, Shadowrun, Mutant League Football, Jungle Strike, Castlevania Bloodlines, Herzog Zwei, Comix Zone, Toe Jam and Earl.
Favorite game not Genesis related
Tempest, Chrono Trigger, Doom, Spelunker, Spaceship Warlock, Xenogears, Rogue, Kings Field, Demon's Souls/Dark Souls series, Tetris

Favorite Podcasts: Sprite Castle, This American Life, Cool Stories in Music, Pixeltunes Radio, Legacy Music Hour, Retro Gaming Roundup, Retro League and any other awesome shows on the Retro Junkies Network!
Favorite Bands: Beatles, XTC, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Zombies, Minutemen, Meat Puppets, The Replacements, Husker Du, Faith No More etc.
Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, M, Big Trouble in Little China, Army of Darkness, Enter the Dragon, Mr Holland's Opus
Something about you that shocks people when they find out:  I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 9 and have always secretly wished the Genesis received a diabetes education game on par with the excellence that is Captain Novolin on SNES. I also secretly think Nick Stephens is a hoser. (shhh). I'm also a pianist, guitarist and composer And I make chiptunes. You can find my latest music here: https://soundcloud.com/diagamblic   
Short history of how you got into podcasting: Back in 2008 or so I started listening to the Retro Gaming Roundup podcast and met some great friends in that community. Fast forward a few years and I was eventually asked to join a podcast called Stalking the Retro in 2013. I parted ways with those guys and in 2014 I became a co-host of the Retro Obscura Podcast, joined up with the awesome dudes from the Retro Junkies Network and in 2015 somehow landed a spot co-hosting on the Genesis Gems podcast.

Joshua Witt

Birthdate: June 1986
Location: Michigan, Metro Detroit Area
Favorite Genesis Games: Starflight, General Chaos, Forgotten Worlds, Toejam & Earl,  Streets of Rage 2, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
Favorite Games Outside of Genesis: Lucasarts Adventure Games, Sierra Adventure games, Fallout Series, Galaga, Kaboom!, Donkey Kong, Duck Tales, Freelancer pretty much any retro system.
Favorite Podcasts: Colecovisions! The Intellivisionaries, ANTIC, The Atari 2600 game by game podcast and of course anything else the Retro Junkies Network.
Favorite Bands: 8 bit weapon, Descendants of Erdrick, Pearl Jam, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, Most 80’s bands, John Williams, and many more
Favorite Movies: Star Wars (any of them), Blade Runner, The Max Max Series, Back to the future, Space Balls, Indiana Jones, Any Adam Sandler or Chris Farley movie.
Something about you that shocks people when they find out: People are usually surprised to find that I am a nurse (since I work in IT). I don’t have a middle name. I married the best woman in the world at the tender age of 19 and we are still very happily married after almost a decade.