A short history of the Genesis Gems Podcast

The Genesis Gems Podcast started with a simple phone call from Rob Luther to Nick Stephens. Rob and Nick had just met via the Retro Junkies Super Show when Nick messaged Rob about a new podcast he was starting. It was an instant bromance.
After the two had agreed to start a Genesis game by game podcast, they reached out to well respected retro gaming encyclopedia publisher Derek Slaton to be the third host.

While the three were hitting it off, schedules started to clash and the podcast went on a short hiatus. Rob and Nick then invited Retro Junkie veterans Landon Long and Josh Witt to join the team. But, again schedules conflicted and the team shortly called it quits.

In 2014, Nick decided to start the show again with an idea of having a rotating guest spot. It only took one episode for Rob to come back and they've been together since.

In 2015, Rob had to take a small break which led Aaron Hickman to become a fill in while he was gone. Aaron was an amazing addition to the show and became the official third host.

With Aaron, Rob, and Nick continuing the Genesis Gems podcast the sky is the limit.